Ranch Style Homes Victoria

Building A Place You Can Call Home

Kialla Homes is known for the bespoke custom floor plans that are tailored to the needs of our clients. Ranch Style Homes in Victoria are becoming more and more popular, and we have catered to hundreds of customers to get the ranch-style home of their dreams. 

Our team of professionals has 35 plus years of experience promoting their skills and expertise. This alone is enough to give you peace of mind knowing that the best workmanship and effort is put into the homes we build. Our knowledgeable team coordinate professionally to assist and address any concerns you might have during the process. 

We have developed as a team to specialise in country builds, land with fall and steep blocks, as well as narrow blocks. We love to take up new challenges, no matter how difficult they might seem. Our positive approach to every new hurdle is what most clients consider when choosing us for their ranch style homes in Victoria.

Ranch Style Homes Victoria

Country Builds and Ranch Home Specialists In Victoria

Ranch Style Homes in Victoria are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, we thrived on getting better at this to provide the best build and floorplans to our customers. Our Montana Series is a great reflection of the quality you get working with us. 

The Montana Series

You can visit our Montana display home, which showcases a beautiful, vaulted ceiling single storey home. The whole concept behind it is providing a spacious home with a centralised living area. Our team has taken the classic Ranch floor and applied a modern American interpretation to it. It features four bedrooms and an open living and meals area. The best part is that you can customise this according to your own preferences. 

We have built some of the perfect ranch style homes in Victoria. Our team focuses on personalisation more than anything else. We believe that your home should be a mere reflection of your own personality. Therefore, we spend hours with you discussing your needs and wants from a floorplan before finalising anything.

What Makes Us Different

You can find a variety of ranch-style homes in Victoria. Our approach is a bit different. We want our clients to stand out. As a result, we offer a unique service that reflects the following:


Quality does not only mean a good looking homemade from premium materials. It also means a home that offers the most value for your money. Our team strives to create a floor plan that can make the most of your land in the given budget. 


Our professional designers and constructors attach immense importance to detail so much that every single aspect of the floorplan and the final standing home reflects the attention to detail put into the workmanship of ranch-style homes in Victoria.

If you have decided that ranch-style homes are your choice in Victoria, you have come to the right place. We are more than happy to offer you our premium services! Our passionate and expert team are only a call away, why not call today!