The Whitehaven Series

THE whitehaven Series

The Whitehaven is a truly beautiful cottage-style home that pays homage to the stunning architecture of the Mid-Victorian period. Every effort has been made to source classic features that authentically reflect the by-gone era, while seamlessly integrating modern functionality and layout.


Internally, the home excels in meeting all expectations with its 9-foot ceilings, large elaborate skirting, architraves, cornices, and picture rails, preserving the elegance of the Mid-Victorian style. Meanwhile, the exterior boasts exquisite bagged brickwork, decorative quoining, and metal fretwork under the skillion verandah, all iconic characteristics of the Mid-Victorian era.


Comprising four bedrooms and two living areas, the Whitehaven effortlessly combines classic charm with a spacious and inviting ambiance. It presents a perfect blend of timeless allure and a real sense of openness, making it a truly remarkable dwelling that captures the essence of a bygone era while catering to modern living needs.