The Bondi Mk II Series

THE bondi mkii Series

In response to overwhelming demand, we proudly present the reimagined Bondi Mk II – an evolved version of our cherished Bondi design. Retaining all the beloved features of its predecessor, the Bondi Mk II is a versatile family abode that seamlessly incorporates the strengths of the original Bondi while introducing a refreshed floor plan, strategically amalgamating open-plan living with pragmatic components tailored to suit your dynamic lifestyle.


Noteworthy among its features, the laundry has been strategically nestled close to the capacious kitchen, offering a discrete solution to quickly tuck away any untidiness when unanticipated guests drop by. Moreover, the layout ingeniously segregates the bedrooms from the living areas, creating an optimal configuration that provides an oasis of tranquility or the perfect space to unwind in privacy.


The allure of the Bondi Mk II is its inherent perfection – a seamless blend of open living spaces that create a perceptually expansive home. This layout caters to both vibrant gatherings and cherished moments with family, making it the ultimate setting for memorable interactions.